A FOCUS Climate Gap Year costs less than a typical freshman year at an in-state university.

Students can either apply for a Fall semester or a full year gap experience with FOCUS.


Fall tuition costs $15,000

Spring tuition costs $12,000

Tuition includes a semester of college credit (18 credits each semester), international insurance, all scheduled program activities including land-based travel, meals and lodging/shelter for every day of the program.  As well, students will have access to two trained and inspiring instructors who will help facilitate student safety, logistics, reflection, and superior learning environment. We are proud to work with the best in the field through our partnership with GYA accredited organizations.


Tuition does not include: airfare, optional program activities, visas, vaccinations, travel gear, and a small budget for extras such as laundry, internet cafes, gifts, etc.

When you take a FOCUS Climate Gap Year, you will get to travel internationally with a cohort of peers who bring different skills but a shared passion about the issue of climate change. FOCUS students are eligible to earn up to one year of college credit and join a global network of climate experts working in the field and committed to supporting FOCUS alumni navigate their academic and professional paths toward impact.

FOCUS participants also get access to the incredible benefits of a quality gap year experience, which data shows includes improvements to GPA, reductions in time-to-graduation, leadership skills & experience, and of course, career satisfaction. Unsurprisingly, many gap year students, upon completion of their gap year, are awarded more in merit financial aid thanks to what is now conventional wisdom: gap year students improve the metrics and community fabric of college campuses.


FOCUS is also committed to supporting all of our students when they return home and continue their college degrees. As part of the FOCUS alumni network, students will receive ongoing support in navigating the many different choices they will face in building their academic, civic and professional journeys. FOCUS will help match interested alumni with expert mentors, find companies to volunteer and intern with, advise on selecting a major, and support on the transition into grad school and the workforce, etc. Because FOCUS Climate Gap Year is the evolution of the youth climate organization Focus the Nation, thousands of Storytellers, Innovators, Technicians and Politicos are already a part of the FOCUS Network, and excited to welcome and support this next generation of leaders.