Climate Experience Partners

FOCUS has established a network of climate experts, renewable energy companies, NGOs working on solutions and global companies de-carbonizing their supply chain. Sign up to receive alerts as we continue bringing more partners on board.

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Pattern Energy

Pattern Energy is an independent power company committed to transitioning the world to renewable energy. They have operations in Canada, Chile, Japan, and the United States. They are known for attracted some of the best talent in the industry and consistently rank as one of the best renewable energy companies to work. For our Chile cohorts, Pattern will host participants at its solar facilities in the Atacama Desert, as well as their wind operations near the coastal town of Ovalle. Pattern will also be providing needs-based scholarships for students interested in taking their FOCUS Climate Gap Year in Chile.

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Chulengo Expeditions

The co-founders of Chulengo Expeditions, Nadine Lehner and Ben Wilcox, spent the last 15 years helping Tompkins Conservation develop the growing, world-class national park system in Chile and Argentina. Chulengo will be our partner in South America for FOCUS cohorts to experience the delicate connection between conservation and climate. Cohorts will be able to backpack in the brand new Patagonia National Park as part of their experience and learn about the complexity of public-private partnerships, community engagement, our human connection with nature, and deep personal and group awareness.


Gap Year Partners

Gap Year Association

FOCUS partners exclusively with gap year organizations that have been accredited by the Gap Year Association. This ensures that all our programs meet the highest standards for quality, safety, and operations in gap year education.