Back from India. Heading to Chile.

We have been hard at work since January designing and running our first climate gap year program that took place this Spring in India. Students spent two months traveling the country, learning about themselves and their own climate interests, about India's approach to climate solutions, and about how communities are innovating and adapting to energy and water issues, adaptive farming, wildlife migration patterns, transportation and urban growth in the face of increased climate disruption. Our students came home with a deepened sense of purpose, global awareness and a laser-sharp focus not only on WHAT aspects of the climate system they now want to pursue further in college, but also WHERE they want to pursue their studies to deepen their climate skills.

Our partners included 100 Resilient Cities, WWF-India, Siemens-Gamesa, The People’s Science Institute, Gati Foundation, PondyCan!, National Geographic, India Institute of Technology and others.

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With fantastic input and feedback gathered from our India student cohort, our global advisory council and partners, we are excited to announce that our next program will take place this Fall 2019 in Chile and will culminate at the United Nations COP25 climate negotiations in Santiago.

We only have 4 slots left for this Fall 2019 Chile Cohort.

  • If you are a student interested in applying, please apply here.

  • If you are outside of our student age range of 17-24 years old and want to nominate a bright young leader to go on our Chile program, please nominate them here.

For our Fall 2019 program in Chile, we are excited to announce that we have selected ARCC as our Gap Year Association-accredited organization as our South American program partner. ARCC has been running experiential education programs since 1983 and has a fantastic reputation for top notch gap year educators and life-changing experiences abroad.

Garett R. Brennan