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This is your first step in joining the FOCUS Network and making one of the most exciting decisions of your life.

Every year we select a limited number of young leaders who possess the grit, ambition and curiosity to immerse themselves in a new culture, a new landscape and a new perspective. Our programs are designed for youth who are particularly interested in learning more about climate change and how their future academic, professional and personal choices can be a part of the solution.

As you embark on your application process, please keep in mind that we aren't interested in your grades (like, at all). We are interested in learning about who you are, what fires you up and the kind of leader you want to become. We want to know how you see the world, why you care about climate and what motivates you to build stronger more resilient communities.

We also know that pursuing higher education can come at a cost that many can’t always afford so we’re doing everything we can at FOCUS to break those barriers down. For 2019, we are excited to announce that we have a limited number of scholarships available through our partner, Pattern Energy.  To be considered for our 2019 scholarships, you must complete the full admissions application below, as well as the scholarship application here.   

spring 2019 india

Applications for our Spring 2019 India program are closed, please scroll down below to learn more about our Fall 2019 and 2020 programs.

Our 8-week Spring 2019 program will be based in Auroville, India, on the tropical coast of Tamil Nadu in the southeastern part of the country. Auroville was established in 1968 to serve as an example of how human and natural systems can function in greater harmony with each other. Anveshan, Auroville's on site Experiential Learning center, hosts an incredible network of climate-related experts and will co-facilitate our FOCUS Climate Curricula.

With Auroville as our home base, the cohort will learn from local experts about how climate has impacted things like renewable energy and electricity demand, transportation, soil resilience, water systems and agriculture. The cohort will also travel to locations outside Auroville to spend time with leading NGOs and companies working on climate adaptation and mitigation projects, as well as to the Chennai region to learn how apparel factories are de-carbonizing their supply chain. Toward the end of the program the cohort will head to northern India by train to Dehradun and the base of the Himalayas where they will visit with conservationists and glaciologists to witness first-hand impacts of glacial melt. The 8-week cohort program will take place during the months of February and March, with the option to add on a climate-focused independent study project at the end. If you are interested in applying for this program, see the application below and please indicate “Spring 2019” on the form.

Spring 2019 Dates: February 3 - March 31
Spring 2019 Program Cost: $12,000

We are currently accepting applications for the following FOCUS programs: 

Fall 2019, 2020 & 2021

Starting in Fall 2019, we will have semester-long and full-year programs available in China, Chile, India and Argentina. During the Fall semester you will travel as a cohort with 2 FOCUS educators to a series of different locations where you will volunteer with and learn from climate experts who are working on a range of climate impacts and solutions unique to that country. The Fall program is typically 10 weeks long and includes language immersion, a combination of home stays and group housing, volunteer opportunities with climate organizations and adventures to both urban and outdoor-oriented environments where you will be able to experience the impacts and solutions of climate change. Then, if you’re interested in participating in the Spring program, our FOCUS education team will work with you to customize your own journey—a combination of internships, travel and independent studies—to dig deeper into whatever climate issues excited you most during your Fall semester.

All participants will be able to earn up to 18 college credits each semester that they are on a FOCUS program.

All applicants should review the following two documents before submitting their final application. A copy of the signed student policy will be due upon acceptance into the program after the interview process.

Essential Eligibility Criteria
Student Policie


FOCUS Climate Gap Year is committed to helping young people develop the personal and global awareness needed to tackle climate change. Once you join the FOCUS Network by participating in one of our programs, we work directly with you in helping choose your major, finding internships and mentors, joining campus clubs, job hunting and networking to pursue things like running for office or launching your own companies.