After students return from their climate gap year, they will immediately join thousands of others in the FOCUS network.

This network is comprised of expert Storytellers, Politicos, Innovators and Technicians all working on different aspects of climate; alumni from Focus the Nation’s leadership retreats on Mount Hood and campus chapter programs that took place between 2008-2013; and partners looking to support young people in staying engaged on climate issues in all 50 states here at home.


ReCharge LEadership Retreat

2011 was the first Focus the Nation ReCharge event. The spark that would become FOCUS Climate Gap Year. We had such success, that we used this framework as the foundation for the FOCUS Climate Gap Year experience. 

Focus the Nation was a climate and clean energy leadership development organization for young leaders that ran programs between 2008 and 2013. During these 5 years we built a diverse alumni network committed to acting on climate change. These students came from MIT, Tufts, Stanford, University of Tennessee Knoxville and many more. Each of them now doing real work to solve environmental problems. Committed to helping FOCUS Alumni to open a doors. Listen to the students describe their experience back in 2011.