the world’s first

Climate Gap Year


Join the World’s First Climate Gap Year.


A hands-on leadership program for young people interested in exploring the world, and immersing themselves in climate impacts and solutions.


FOCUS is selecting 30 of the brightest, most passionate young students from urban and rural America, to take a FOCUS Climate Gap Year in Spring 2019 in India and Fall 2019 in China and South America. Not only will you get a world class educational experience, but you will join a diverse alumni network that is already working in every corner of the problem to accelerate solutions.

If you’re unique, open minded and willing to take the unconventional path. Plus, have the tenacity and grit to roll up your sleeves and collaborate on the ground. You’re ready to join the world’s first Climate Gap Year.


Gap years accelerate young people's ability to change the world. Now let's do it with climate.


Climate Impacts Everything.

We need bright young minds now.

The effects of climate change are accelerating. It impacts every aspect of our lives. We need a new approach to getting young people involved on the ground so they can gain the skills and perspective they need to change the world.

By living in communities experiencing the impacts and those implementing solutions, you will learn about the wide range of skills and challenges that any climate action requires: collaboration, science, technology, policy and legislation, storytelling, media and energy.




Join The Best

We select our gap year cohorts by bringing together the brightest young thinkers and collaborators from rural and urban communities across the country. We then connect these cohorts with climate experts to experience things like renewable energy, climate research and innovation, conservation management and community organizing.


Hands On Experience

The real world provides a phenomenal education. Being a part of the gap year programs, you will gain greater insights into yourself, what drives you, and how your passions and interests connect to the world. Taking a Climate Gap Year will make you a stronger student and a stronger leader on the most pressing issue of our time.


Ongoing Mentorship & Support

At FOCUS Climate Gap Year, we are building an inter-generational network of climate experts and champions. As part of the FOCUS alumni network, you will have access to these experts as you continue navigating your academic and professional journey.